Open-source web-only Ethereum wallet explorer

for Android, iOS/OSX, Windows, Linux, and the web

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Can I use MΞRKLIN on my mobile?

Yes, MΞRKLIN is a Progressive Web App (PWA) . It works both on Android and iOS just like a native app, with the only difference that you have to install it from your browser. The cool thing is you'll always have the latest version, no updates needed.

Why web-only?

Native apps are not suitable for web3 as they are subject to App Store / Play Store gate-keeping and lock out a big part of the global population. Instead, we go down the web-native route (PWA, NWA ) to deliver a great mobile experience.

Is the app free to use?


Why Vue/Nuxt and not React/Next?

So far the web3 dev space has been dominated almost exlusively by React and its ecosystem. This project is an attempt to change that and add Vue to the web3 stack as well.

Which web3 libraries, RPCs, and APIs are used?

As of now, the app relies mostly on ethers.js , and RPCs/APIs from Chainlink , Etherscan , Alchemy , and Infura . There are also some experiments with wagmi/core and the Alchemy SDK , and we are open to experimenting with others in pursuit of the most DX-friendly web3 stack.

How can I contribute?

Take a look at issues in the GitHub repo . If you are interested in working on any of those, just drop a comment. You can also create a new issue if you have something specific in mind.

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